Government grants for free insulation

Free loft insulation & cavity wall insulation 

free-cavity-wall-insulation.jpgFree loft insulation & cavity wall insulation are available in Glasgow and across Scotland via a new Government funded home energy-efficiency grant scheme. 

ECOt2 is designed to reduce the country's Carbon Footprint by promoting more efficient use of energy consumption in the home.

Every time you turn on your central heating your boiler releases harmful Carbon emissions into the environment. In most cases older boilers are inefficient and use excessive energy to heat your home.

In addition, if your attic / loft / exterior walls don't have adequate insulation, most of that heat escapes.

Government grant schemes are designed to help meet the cost of installing free loft & cavity wall insulation to prevent heat loss. 

What is cavity wall insulation?

How Cavity Wall Insulation works

Cavity Wall Insulation fills the gap in between the bricks of your walls. Installing cavity wall insulation is like putting a coat on your house. The insulation keeps the heat in, meaning that you can have your central heating on for less time, or turn in down to a lower level.

This costs you less in gas / fuel bills and reduces harmful carbon emissions which are released into the environment. 
Cavity wall insulation also keeps your home cooler in the summer. Modern cavity wall insulation is a man made fibre similar to loft insulation, but finely chopped so as to fit in between your walls or a bonded polystyrene bead. There is no risk of dampness or other problems.

Is my home suitable for cavity wall insulation?

Your home will usually be suitable for cavity wall insulation if it is over ten years old and its external walls are unfilled cavity walls. In some cases houses are built without a cavity so it may be necessary for the Energy Assessor to have a quick check by means of a boroscope inspection. They will drill a small hole in your external wall to see if your walls are hollow or filled.

Cavity wall insulation - benefits 

35% of heat escapes through the walls of your property. If you insulate your walls properly the heat that escapes will stay in your home. This means that you can afford to turn your heating temperature down or have in on for shorter periods of time. Cavity Wall Insulation can save you up to £250 per year on heating bills depending on the size of your home.  Cavity wall insulation is recommended by the UK and Scottish Parliaments and is guaranteed for 25 years.

The main benefits of having cavity wall insulation installed are:

  • Wall insulation saves money on your heating bills
  • Reduces harmful carbon emissions and improves the countries Carbon footprint
  • Cavity wall insulation makes your home warmer during winter, and cools it in summer, getting the best of both worlds
  • Increases your home's energy performance rating, making it cheaper to run.

Loft Insulation 

Free Loft insulation grants are now available in Scotland for those who have no existing loft insulation, for those who claim Pension Credits, Tax Credits and certain benefits (Conditions Apply).

If your loft is not insulated it is estimated that 25% of the heat in your house escapes through the roof. This means that 25% of the money you spend on heating your home is effectively being thrown away. Excessive energy usage also puts harmful Carbon emissions into the environment. 

Energy Efficiency Grants
The Governments of Scotland and the UK are attempting to address this waste of energy., and at the same time reduce the amount of money we spend on heating our homes.

It is common to assume that your loft has is insulated when you are actually spending a fortune on high gas and electricity bills because you don't have enough. Your home will probably already have Loft Insulation but around two thirds of homes in Scotland and the UK don't have the recommended level, 270mm or 11 Inches. 

free-loft-insulation.pngHeat rises and escapes quickly through your loft or attic and out the roof.
Loft insulation make it increasingly difficult for heat to pass through the roof by trapping the escaping heat.

How is loft insulation installed?

In most cases the insulation installation process takes less than two hours to complete, depending on the amount of loft insulation needed. The insulation is placed between and across the joists in your loft, and gives you a protective, sealed area in the home, which stays warm for longer. meaning it costs less to heat your home as your central heating or fire can be on for less time. Loft insulation is guaranteed for 40 years. 

Loft Insulation - Benefits

The main benefits of having loft insulation installed are:

  • Saves money on your heating bills
  • Loft Insulation Reduces carbon emissions
  • Loft insulation makes your home warmer during winter, and cools it in summer, getting the best of both worlds
  • Increase your home's energy performance rating, making it cheaper to run.

The Energy Companies Obligation 

Cavity wall insulation and loft insulation are available through a Government-backed energy grant scheme the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. The home energy-efficiency improvement scheme is designed to reduce carbon emissions and address fuel poverty in many areas of Scotland and the United Kingdom, and provides funding for energy-saving products including cavity wall insulationloft insulationfree gas  boiler replacement and draught proofing.

Free Insulation - Application

Government Grant Application Form

The first stage of your free boiler application is to provide us with a few details via ur energy grant contact form. This enables us to identify a Domestic Energy Assessor in your area. 

Energy Expert Call Back

An approved and certified Domestic Energy Assessor in your area will contact you to arrange a home visit and survey your loft, walls or boiler depending of which type of home energy grant you apply for.

Home Energy Survey

The DEA is an Energy efficiency expert and he will answer any questions you may have regarding replacement boilers, loft and cavity wall insulation and Government energy-efficiency grants in general.

If you apply for a replacement central heating boiler the energy expert will check your boiler and assess its energy performance. To have a new boiler installed your existing gas boiler must not be a condensing boiler. This will only take a short time. He will also ask you to provide verification of your address. This will be via your mortgage  statement or your tenancy lease.

At this stage the Energy Expert will fill in the Government grant documentation and any other paperwork required. He will take a few photographs. Don't be alarmed by this it's merely for verification of his work and the images will be filed along with and copies of documents you are asked to provide.

free boilers - boiler grants

Installing  Your Free Boiler Or Home Insulation

The Energy Assessor will arrange a date for your new energy efficient boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation to be installed. He will most likely call the recommended local installer for your area when he is in your home. This way he will be able  to give you an installation date before he leaves.

Your free boiler or home insulation products will come with industry standard manufacturer's warranty / guarantee etc. All measures will be installed free of charge (includes full manufacturer’s warranty). This will mean energy savings of £100′s per year 

ECO is designed to enable home energy improvements amongst those that cannot afford to pay. In addition to the new free boilers, the ECO grant scheme offers energy saving products like loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

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